‘Pori says rightly that Apu is queen of Bengali films’

Pori Moni gave a status in the Facebook on Tuesday mentioning Apu Biswas ‘Queen of Bengali Film.’ This time, another heroine Misti Jannat has given the same status. Besides, they have expected that everyone will see the new film of Apu.

This heroine of the movie ‘Love Station’ has written, “Pori has said rightly that Apu Biswas is the queen of movies. She did not leave film arena, just took a little break. When the film industry was in a misery, she is the one who helped the industry to survive as a heroine. You know about her better than me. She is very dear to us.”

Misti also wrote, “Apu didi, you do your work. The Creator is with you. I don’t know the language to write to you as I am younger than you. Everyone is with you like before.”

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