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Hailey Baldwin confirms marriage to Justin Bieber

It looks like one of the most speculated celebrity marriage has been confirmed with Hailey Baldwin changing her surname to Bieber on her Instagram account.

The move to make the name change on the 21-year-old model’s account that has 15.3 million folllowers, seems to be the ultimate statement that rumours of their wedding were true.

This follows Justin, 24, himself referring to Hailey as his wife in a comment on a pic that she posted on Instagram.

The day before, the What Do You Mean? Singer updated a caption to a pic of Hailey wearing a jacket with ‘Bieber’ emblazoned across the back, to say, “My wife is awesome.

Back in September, there were numerous reports that the pair tied the knot at a New York courthouse but Hailey poured cold water on the rumour at the time.

In a now deleted tweet, she wrote that, “I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!”

Since then, she has filed to have Hailey Bieber trademarked as her new name and her move on Instagram is a further step to prove that marriage rumours were correct.

TMZ has reported that Justin, who has 102 million followers, reached out to the social media platform personally, to ensure the change was made swiftly.

Justin had announced their engagement in an Instagram post in early July and now it looks like they have affirmed their love for each other, on social media at least.

Source: Daily Mirror

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